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Happy Stripes was started in 2022 by a mother-daughter duo who saw the growing need for additional cat rescue efforts in the Cleveland+ area.


With so many shelters and rescue groups being over capacity and turning cats away, we decided to step up to help.

The first batch of cats to come into our care was from a busy and dangerous intersection in Old Brooklyn.

A concerned Samaritan, who drove by this intersection daily for work, frequently saw injured and hungry cats. She used social media to find assistance. Between Happy Stripes (before it was conceived!) and another cat rescuer, we worked with the local residents to pull 6 cats from that area. The next step was to get them vaccinated, neutered, and adopted!

Thus, with Buttercup, Bud, and Blossom, Happy Stripes began.

Our funds come solely from donations and adoption fees.

We are 501c3 certified. Our EIN is 87-3648876.

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